- orbiting, circling, rotating and rolling through life.
Tracking the life of K. Makey
A word form Kris.
We can only ever talk from our experiences.
Having grown up in Idaho during the the transition from "before the internet" to "after the internet" and then following up with a career at Microsoft, I've been able to witness and participate in many things I could never have imagined happening in my lifetime. I am an admitted humanist, technologist and passionate consumer of modern culture.
I hope sharing my stuff here encourages you as much as I have been encouraged by those who have impacted me.
External links: has been a source of strong influence since I started following them in College. They do a yearly event "PAX" in Seattle that is how I recharge and keep my excitement levels for gaming going. is a comic from an Artist whom I have been following since watching strip search. I recommend watching the season to see how the comic came about and to experience a reality tv show that actually makes you feel better about humanity.
As a developer on Xbox Live I encourage you to visit You can often find me on live, here's my gamercard: